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Brian Brown

  My name is Brian Brown and my life began to change when I was hired by a Budget Blinds franchise in 2014 for a temporary position answering phones. I didn’t know how significant it was at the time because I was in the process of pursuing a different career path. However, life had different plans for me. 

  I ended up being hired full time with Budget Blinds and my role with the company began to grow. I went from just answering phones and scheduling appointments, to managing the office and implementing workflow management systems to handle business growth. I was doing this while periodically helping with product installation and sales. Business more than doubled during my time with the company and while I don’t deserve much credit for growing the business, I am proud of my contributions to the management of operations during this time. Eventually, I was mostly working in sales and I loved it. I got paid to meet interesting people everyday and help them solve problems in their home or business. Not to mention, nearly every conversation I had with my customers, either taught me something or helped me view life from a different perspective. While everything was nearly perfect, it appears that all good things must come to an end eventually. 

  While I worked at Budget Blinds my personal life was also growing. My wife and I had welcomed two perfect (to us) children into our lives, we remodeled our homes to accommodate our growing family, and my wife’s career was also reaching new heights. Over the years, our priorities became clearer and we ultimately decided to move our family to Eastern Tennessee. 

  During the moving process I considered multiple options for work but I finally decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business. I personally didn’t want to see all of my experience in the window covering industry go to waste, not to mention, the years of home remodels helped me acquire quite the set of skills and tools.

  In summary,  I am excited for the opportunity to serve the Eastern Tennessee communities! I will do my best to be professional, honest, and upfront with my customers. Please consider choosing me with your window covering needs. Thank you.

Brighten Up's founder, Brian Brown.
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